My Mentor, Mr. Will Sanders, and I

My Learning Stretch:

·         Asking the parents to allow their children to participate in my project

·         Following all the guidelines for publishing my book

·         Coming up with a good book idea

·         Locating an AR book that was also n eBook

·        Getting the pictures in the book since they were hand drawn 

Step One

  Discuss with parents my project to try and get a student to read an eBook for me. (Mrs. Jane LaRue and I)

Step Two

Getting on the Johnston County School's website and finding Cleveland Elementary in order to look through their library selection

Step Three

Finding the AR book that was also available as an eBook

Step Four

Read with Christian, the student who agreed to help me with my project

Student above is Christian LaRue, reading the eBook. 

Step Five

 Get Christian to answer questions about his eBook reading experience.

Step Six

 Find site to create eBook, and get started writing!

Step Seven

 Editing the eBook and making sure it follows the style guide

 Step Eight

Drawing up the pictures with my illustrator, Alexis Thomas

Step Nine

 Publish the final product!!




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